Best Chair Mat for High Pile Carpet & How to Choose a Chair Mat

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Selecting the right chair mat is necessary to make sure that you get the most lifestyle from the chair mat and to make rolling over the mat protected and easy. A chair mat that is too skinny or mild weight will motive untimely cracking and create impressions from the chair castors making it hard to go around.

Desk chair mats are reachable with a range of preferences and deciding on the first-class product can imply the distinction between comfortable, convenient gliding and again pain, or worse, a broken floor.  When deciding on the suited desk mat, one has to aspect in countless concerns which include floor type/backing, shape, size, thickness, and edging.  By grasp these attributes and deciding on them correctly, your chair mat can grant years of comfort, effortless motion whilst defending the flooring underneath. you can find the best chair mat for high pile carpet from here.

Best Chair Mat for High Pile Carpet

The first consideration when deciding on a desk chair mat is the kind of ground the mat will relaxation on.  This class can be divided into challenging surfaces and carpeted surfaces.  Although rectangular chair mats are most prevalent, different designs are additionally available.  Another famous format is a rectangular base mat with a “lip,” which is described as a protrusion or extension from the aspect of the mat and this component is positioned below the desk.  The lip protects the flooring below the desk the place the chair may also roll if scooted all the way in.  Custom diagram chair mats are on hand as well.

The remaining consideration when buying a desk mat is the kind of edging.  The facet can be both beveled (sloped) or straight.  It is nice to have a straight facet chair mat for tough surfaces.  For carpeted areas, a beveled part chair mat is ideal.  American Floor Mats presents chair mats with these unique edges as defaults except the customized requests otherwise.

Material Selection

The first step is identifying the kind of ground you have and which mat fabric is high-quality proper for that type.

It is very essential to pick the proper fashion mat for your carpet. If your mat is too skinny it can crack and break. The thicker your chair mat the greater secure and simpler it will be to maneuver in your chair whilst rolling.

Mat Shape:

The structure of your mat will be decided by means of how your furnishings is configured in your office. Once you’ve discovered the form that your mat wishes to be it’s time to take some measurements.


All of our customized mats are reduced from one of the countless widespread sizes. After you have your measurements,  locate out which popular dimension will accommodate your wants and we will reduce your mat to the specs you provide. Once you have decided on the measurements for your mat, pick out a fashionable mat measurement that is closest to the biggest dimensions of your mat.

Given the vast preferences handy with desk chair mats, it is crucial to pick out the mat that high-quality matches a given environment.  Using the aforementioned elements and accompanying information, one can pick out the most fantastic chair mat.  With the proper chair mat, moving, sitting, and working at a desk will become greater pleasurable, much less painful and flooring continue to be in higher condition.

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